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M6 Duna Motorway Concession Ltd.

The M6 Duna Motorway connects the towns of Érd and Dunaújváros and forms part of the Public Private Partnership (PPP) program of the Hungarian State in order to connect the cities Budapest and Pécs.

Since December 2015 the new shareholders of M6 Duna Autópálya Koncessziós Zrt. are: Aberdeen Asset Management, EBRD, Swietelsky International Baugesellschaft m.b.H. and Intertoll. The Concessionaire was founded in 2004 by Bilfinger Project Investments GmbH, Porr Infrastruktur GmbH and Swietelsky International Baugesellschaft m.b.H. The task of the M6 Duna Motorway Concession Ltd. is to finance, design, construct, operate and maintain the M6 Motorway between Érdi-tető and Dunaújváros until 2026.

The Project consists of the M6 motorway from Érdi-tető to Dunaújváros plus a section of the M8 motorway that leads from the M6 to the bridge built south from Dunaújváros.

The Motorway was opened for traffic on 11 June 2006.

The members of the board of directors of the M6 Duna Autópálya Koncessziós Zrt. are Mr. Marc Hörnig as the Chairman, Mr. Örs Belle and Mr. Zsolt Fáskerti.

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The Concession Area of the M6 Project includes the section of the M6 from Érdi Tető to Dunaújváros plus a stretch of the M8 motorway from the motorway interchange with the M6 towards the new Danube bridge south of Dunaújváros. On total these are:
  • 58,6 km of motorway
  • ten interchanges
  • one motorway cross between M6 and the M8
  • 60 bridges
  • one Operation and Maintenance Centre
  • two complex and two simple rest areas in each direction
  • numerous side roads
  • 15 round abouts, 5 along national road 10 along local roads in order to enable the access to the motorway
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How do I get on the motorway from Budapest?

The M6 motorway can be accessed through National Road 6 from Budapest. When arriving to Érd, please follow the traffic signs from the first roundabout on.

How do I get on the motorway from Dunaújváros?

The M6 motorway can be accessed through three junctions from Dunaújváros. These are: at Dunaújváros South the road Nr. 6219 to Mezõfalva, in Dunaújváros Center the road Nr. 62 to Perkáta and at Dunaújváros North the road Nr. 6 after the junction at Rácalmás. What kind of motorway vignette can be used on the M6 motorway? On the M6 motorway, similar to all other motorways of Hungary, the vignettes of the uniform motorway system must be used.

What is the superstructure of the M6 made of?

The motorway has an asphalt top layer with a concrete base. The advantage of this solution is that it is less noisy than asphalt superstructures, and gives a smoother riding comfort. The concrete base on the other hand provides the benefits of the concrete roads, so the chance for rut-formation is smaller, than in case of pure asphalt roads.

What sort of environment protection measures have been taken in connection with the motorway?

The drainage water is lead away in coated ditches, preventing the eventually polluted water leaking into the ground water. The water is lead through oil separators and then - already filtered - to the closest naturally existing water streams or rivers. This is European practice to minimize the impact of road construction on the water circle. Further a protection forest is placed along the motorway to reduce air and noise pollution. In sensitive areas in addition noise protection walls were constructed. In order to protect the wildlife and to prevent crashes with animals a game fence was set up on both sides of the motorway on the entire length.

I have seen an accident on the motorway. What shall I do?

In case you notice an accident on the motorway, please immediately notify the police (107), if needed the ambulance (104), and in case of fire or leaking liquids of whatever type the fire department (105), or call the general emergency line (112). Duna-Intertoll - the operator of the motorway - will be notified by the police and will establish the necessary traffic diversions to ensure safe traffic along the area affected by the accident.

I have seen contamination on the motorway, or cargo falling off from trucks, what shall I do?

The road patrol of Duna-Intertoll Zrt. is checking the whole length of the motorway regularly: several times a day, in case they experience any abnormalities, they take measures immediately. In case you see contamination, cargo or other dangerous objects during your travel on the motorway, please inform the dispatcher of Duna-Intertoll Zrt. (phone: +36-25-516-320).

What does it mean that the motorway is constructed in a concession?

Within the frame of a concession project the concession right is given to a company. The subject of the concession - i.e. the motorway - remains in state ownership, but its operation and maintenance (and in many cases also its construction) is the task of the concession company for a given time period (in the case of the M6 it is 22 years). By the end of the concession period the motorway is handed back for operation to the state. The advantage of concession projects is that the state does not need to pre-finance these projects and that operation and maintenance is carried out by a private entity which generally works more efficiently than a state controlled one. Therefore the optimum between costs and service can be granted. In case of concessions to private entities the concession company is selected through a public tender.


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