How can you reach Útinform and what kind of information can you get?

The Útinform can be reached on the phone number +36 1 336 2400, on the website www.utinform.hu and on their official Facebook page. You can get information on actual accidents, traffic jams, road rectifications, construction and handover of new roads, junctions or cycling routes, bypass routes, events on public roads, weight and speed restrictions, weather caused obstacles, prohibition for trucks and even ferry services.

How can I get on the M6 motorway from Budapest?

The M6 motorway can be accessed from the M0 motorway ring at km 11, or through the national road 6 arriving to Érd then following the traffic signs.

How can I get on the motorway from Dunaújváros?

The motorway can be accessed through three junctions from Dunaújváros. The first one is at Dunaújváros South heading to Mezőfalva on road Nr. 6219. The second one is at Dunaújváros Center heading to Perkáta on road Nr. 62. And the third one is at Dunaújváros North heading to Rácalmás on road Nr. 6.

What kind of motorway vignette can be used on the M6 motorway?

On the M6 motorway the vignettes of the unified e-vignette system can be used. For detailed information please visit the website http://www.nemzetiutdij.hu/articles/article/e-matrica-informacio-es-vasarlas.

How many counties are affected by the Érdi-tető – Dunaújváros section of the M6 motorway? Are there any toll free sections?

This section of the M6 motorway starts in Pest County at Érd and goes through Fejér County to reach Dunaújváros. The whole section is included in the tolled network.

I have seen an accident on the motorway. What shall I do?

In case you notice an accident on the motorway please immediately notify the police (107), if needed the ambulance (104), and in case of fire or leaking liquids of whatever type the fire department (105), or call the general emergency line (112). The relevant operation and maintenance center will be notified by the police and will establish the necessary traffic diversions to ensure safe traffic along the area affected by the accident. The dispatcher service contacts can be found on the www.m6autopalya.hu website.

I have seen contamination on the motorway, or cargo falling off from trucks, what shall I do?

The road patrol of the relevant operator is checking the whole length of the motorway regularly several times a day and in case they experience any abnormalities, they take measures immediately. In case you see contamination, cargo or other dangerous objects during your travel on the motorway, please inform the relevant dispatcher service from the www.m6autopalya.hu website, or use one of the emergency call boxes, which are placed in every 2 kms on average.

What is the purpose of the emergency lane?

The emergency lane is constructed in order to ensure operational and rescue purposes and this is the place where the vehicles with technical breakdown can wait for help – disturbing the traffic as slightly as possible -.

Why is traffic not enabled on the emergency lane in case of traffic jams due to accidents?

In case of accidents and traffic jams it has high importance to enable the rescue services (ambulance, fire department, police, road managers, etc.) to reach the location of their work smooth and as soon as possible, so the normal traffic order could return at the earliest. It is extraordinary dangerous and contrary to the rules of the road if the vehicles try to move forward, or rather turn around or move back by using the emergency lane in case of traffic jams. The emergency lane can only be used if the traffic is diverted to this lane by the police.

What should be considered in case a vehicle needs to have resort to the emergency lane due to a technical breakdown?

In case of technical breakdown the vehicle has to set off to the very right side of the emergency lane. It is important that the driver doesn’t enter the passing lane and stays farthermost from it. Besides turning on the blinker the warning triangle has to be put out behind the vehicle, in order to enable the coming vehicles to see it (on motorways it is worth to be pit out in a distance of 100-150 m), even in case the technical breakdown can be solved in a short time. It has to be considered that everybody staying on the motorway is wearing a reflective vest. The passengers has to leave the vehicle, as well and they have to go to the protected place behind the guard rail.

What is the road patrol doing on the emergency lane? Why is it so slow?

The road patrols are passing on the appointed sections based on a determined plan and in accordance with the relevant laws and the KHVM decree No. 6/1998. (III.11.) – about the regulation of managing the national roads – (hereinafter: OKKSZ). The purpose of the road patrolling is to register and repair the irregularities occurred on the inspected section, which includes not only the road but also its surroundings. In order to be able to notice all irregularities, the road patrols are passing slowly, or rather if they meet a case needing immediate intervention, they execute the necessary tasks. Their work is very important for the accurate knowledge of the roads’ status and maintenance, therefore, we kindly ask the motorway users to be patient towards the road patrols.

How many petrol stations and rest areas can be found on the M6 motorway’s section between Érdi-tető – Dunaújváros?

There are totally 4 rest areas on this section of the M6 motorway, where you can find parking lots for cars, trucks and buses, picnic areas and toilettes. In 2 rest areas there are also petrol stations. For further details and maps please visit the homepage www.m6autopalya.hu, subsection rest areas.

How many operation and maintenance centers can be found on the M6 motorway’s section between Érdi-tető – Dunaújváros?

There is one operation and maintenance center on this section of the M6 motorway in the km section 49 at the junction of Iváncsa, which is responsible for the operation of the motorway on a length of 59 kms.

What does it mean that the motorway has been constructed in a concession?

In terms of a concession project the concession right is given to a company. The subject of the concession (in the current case the M6 motorway’s section between Érdi-tető – Dunaújváros) remains in state ownership, but its operation and maintenance is the task of the concession company for a given time period (in case of the M6 motorway’s current section it is 22 years), in the interest of the more efficient use of the State’s assets. By the end of the concession period the motorway is handed back for operation to the state. The concession company is selected through a public tender, where the best bidder wins the concession right.

What is the superstructure of the M6 made of?

The motorway has an asphalt top layer with a concrete base. The advantage of this solution is that it is less noisy than asphalt superstructures, and gives a smoother riding comfort. The concrete base on the other hand provides the benefits of the concrete roads, so the chance for rutting is smaller, than in case of pure asphalt roads.

What sort of environmental protection measures have been taken in connection with the motorway?

The drainage water is lead away in coated ditches, preventing the eventually polluted water leaking into the ground water. The water is lead through oil separators and then – already filtered – to the closest naturally existing water streams or rivers. Further a protection forest is placed along the motorway to reduce air and noise pollution. In order to protect the wildlife a game fence was set up on both sides of the motorway on the entire length.