M6 Motorway

The Concession Area of the M6 Project includes the section of the M6 from Érdi Tető to Dunaújváros plus a stretch of the M8 motorway from the motorway interchange with the M6 towards the new Danube bridge south of Dunaújváros. On total these are:

  • 58.6 km of motorway
  • ten interchanges
  • one motorway cross between M6 and the M8
  • 60 bridges
  • one Operation and Maintenance Centre
  • two complex and two simple rest areas in each direction
  • numerous side roads
  • 15 round abouts, 5 along national road 10 along local roads in order to enable the access to the motorway

Technical Details

Motorway M6

  • start of concession area: 22+150 km
  • end of concession area: 76+200 km
  • Motorway M8

    • start of concession area: 5+750 km
    • end of concession area: 10+300 km
    • The route of the M6 Motorway crosses two counties; from the start at km 22+150 up to km 28+400, the motorway runs in the territory of the Pest County, from km 28+400 on it runs in the territory of Fejér County.

    The route touches the municipal boundaries of the following municipalities:
    Érd, Százhalombatta, Ercsi, Ráckeresztúr, Besnyő, Beloiannisz, Iváncsa, Adony, Kulcs, Rácalmás, Dunaújváros, Baracs, Kisapostag, Nagyvenyim

    Following the design 10 non-level crossings were constructed to ensure the link between the motorway and the public road network. The layout of these interchanges varies from trumpet to clover.

    Design speed and cross section of the motorway

    The design speed of the motorway is 140 km/h

    Cross-section data:

    • Road crown width: 26.60 m
    • Number of traffic lanes: 2×2 lanes
    • Width of traffic lanes: 3.75 m
    • Width of emergency lane: 3.00 m
    • Width of road verge: 1.00 m
    • Width of dividing strip: 3.60 m
    • Width of offside safety lane: 0.50 m
    • Width of nearside safety lane: 0.25 m
    • Total width of carriageway surfacing: 11.00 m
    • Width of accelerating lane: 3.75 m
    • Width of shoulder by accelerating lane: 2.00 m
    • Crown width with accelerating lane included: 30.10 m

    The general pattern of the motorway cross-section is shown in the drawing below (click to enlarge).

    Service areas, Operation & Maintenance Centre, Petrol stations

    Along the M6 motorway service areas are situated in each direction at the following locations:

    • Complex service area including petrol stations at segment 30+600 km (operated by MOL)
    • Simple service area at segment 39+900 km (Service Area “Fácános”)
    • Simple service area at segment 57+400 km (Service Area of Szentmihály)
    • Complex service area including petrol stations at segment 70+000 (operated by OMV)

    At the exit of Adony, the Operation & Maintenance Centre and the Motorway Police is located.